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Meet Amy!

I love a good love story.
But I’m not talking about your childhood fairytale kind of love. Princesses in towers and princes fighting dragons don’t do it for me.
I love that real kind of love story- the one that’s beautiful in its rawness. The love where the bride and groom have one foot out the door toward wherever adventure awaits them next. The love that isn’t afraid to laugh at its own expense or showcase its unique quirks.
The photos taken on your wedding day are the beginning of a new family history that you’re writing together. They will live on eternally, a time capsule of the day, telling your story and bringing joy to future generations. I strive for my images to feel timeless- a clean, classic aesthetic to tell your authentic story. My mission as your wedding photographer is to create a harmonious environment in which we flow naturally from each special moment to the next, allowing for your day to be exactly how you've envisioned it. I give guidance when needed, helping you look and feel like your best self in front of my camera, never posing you in a stiff or inauthentic way. Every photo unlocks a memory, evoking the feeling from that moment, exactly as you experienced it on your wedding day. Your photos should celebrate your love, capturing the unique beauty that lies within each of us.


Kind Words

“Amy's energy is AMAZING,
she is extremely talented and
so easy to get along with!”

- richard &


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